Earn Tree Campus Recognition for Your School

It's time for action! Get your campus involved in the Tree Campus USA program. Help transform your campus community into one that has a positive, and sustainable, impact on the environment. Follow these steps and leave your green-legacy on campus.

Step 1: Get Your Campus Interested

Stop in, call or send an email to allies and partners.

Sustainability Coordinator

Someone who helps the university to develop, coordinate, administer, and advise on programs that are related to sustainability on campus. Many Sustainability Coordinators throughout the country, including those involved with the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE), have expressed interest in Tree Campus USA due to the way it gets students engaged in sustainability initiatives and helps a campus set up a sustainable plan on how they plant and manage their. Your campus can also earn credits toward AASHE's STARS program by earning Tree Campus USA recognition.

*This is a fairly new position at universities. Not all universities may have a hired person on staff with this title.
Collegiate Faculty and Administration

Members of college or university faculty. Some examples of professors who might be interested in Tree Campus USA include, but are not limited to, those who specifically teach horticulture, forestry, landscape design, botany, biology or similar fields. Professors at recognized Tree Campus USA institutions have shared that the program helps them ensure the best upkeep of current trees and planting of new species so they can continue to use them for educational purposes in their classrooms.

Grounds Manager

The person charged with caring for the campus grounds, which includes the trees, bushes, flowers, grass, and other landscaping. The Professional Grounds Management Society (PGMS), the trade-association for Grounds Managers and Supervisors, has encouraged their members working on colleges throughout the country to get involved in the Tree Campus USA initiative. PGMS feels the program highlights the work Grounds Managers are doing on campus and brings recognition to the managers, supervisors, and their staff.

Facilities Manager

The individual who oversees the care of campus buildings and property. Many times the Grounds Manager or Supervisor reports to the Facilities Manager. Throughout the country, many Facilities Managers have expressed their appreciation for the fact that Tree Campus USA brings the work they are doing to the forefront of their institution. It provides much-deserved recognition for the men and women that work every day to maintain the aesthetic look and feel of the campus environment.

Student Environmental Group

These are fellow students leading the charge of organizing students on campus to promote ways to care for and improve our environment. College students from around the country have shared that they are interested in their schools becoming Tree Campus USA-certified because the recognition illustrates their college's commitment to the environment and provides ways for them to care for the planet year after year.

Step 2: Plan and Collaborate

Collaborate with partners and allies to meet the 5 core standards

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Step 3: Submit Your Application

You've met the 5 core standards. Now it's time to submit an application.

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